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Jamaican Wedding Services

Unlock your ultimate wedding entertainment with the 876 Sounds Team. Representing Jamaica’s finest in Destination Wedding Entertainment on the island, we’ve help couples around the world make their once-in-a-lifetime celebration in Jamaica an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Being a boutique styled service provider allows us to execute personalised and Luxury experiences. Whether you’re having a small and intimate or a grande-scaled celebration with all the trend-setting and luxury options, you’ve found the team that will make your dream wedding concepts come to life.

Our signature service is our talented DJ and extends to entertainment designing, Special FX (Dancing on the Clouds & Sparklers), customized Dance floors, Master of Ceremonies and lighting design and more.

Whether you choose to celebrate in one of our all-inclusive resort, a private villa or historic great house, we are here to make your celebration happen for you and your guests with exceptional entertainment service and talents.


Key to your entertainment experience is our DJ’s prowess in understanding your musical and cultural preferences and getting your guests dancing to great music all afternoon and night.  Your DJ comes dressed to support your theme and with all the gear (Audio System, DJ booth, microphones etc) to make the magic happen.

  • Consultation sessions
  • DJ / Audio Engineer
  • Wedding dinner & rehearsal
  • Speakers & Gear
  • DJ Facade / Booth
  • Flexible (reception only, ceremony support, all day)

Add that trending and amazing wow factor for your celebration – grand entrance, special performances, first dance and other perfect moments.  Our most popular experiences are Dancing on the Clouds and Sparkulars (fireworks) that guarantees to leave your guests on the edge of their seats and talking about your celebration for many years to come.  Also provides a picturesque opportunity for your photographer / cinematographer to capture your excitement and priceless expressions of happiness.

All our special effects are safe and non-hazardous to the environment or your guests.

  • Dancing on the Clouds.  Simulate being on the clouds (fluffy cumulus clouds)
  • Sparkulars.  Indoor safe machines that use cold-spark technology.

Other than complimenting your decor, a dance floor signals to your guests the intent to have a fun time.  Our most popular sizes are 12′ x 12′,  16′ x 16′ and 24” x 24′ creates the space for your reception entrance, dances, performances and of -course, your after-party.

All floors can be customized (Vinyl wrapped & decal added):

  1. Interlocking tiles (recommended for indoor)
  2. Interlocking decks (outdoor on beaches, lawns, uneven areas)

Vinyl Wrapped (monogram, full colour, custom)

White or checkered tiles

A memorable touch to your cocktail period.  Not just 1, 2 or even 3, but up to 6 guests get to stand on a platform using a slow motion arm that circles around them capturing a 360° degree video.  We will customize overlays and animations to have the details of your celebration, there will be awesome contents that can be shared within seconds.

  • up to 6 persons at a time
  • Share video within minutes of capture
  • Safe – revolving arm stops on touch
  • Customizable – have your custom artwork on the floor of the booth

We will guide you in choosing among a range of lighting options that are both functional for the purpose and appropriate to create the mood for your celebration.

UPLIGHTING – consists of multiple led uplighting units strategically placed against the walls, poles of tents to create a colour wash within the space. By using the latest technology in the industry, we offer you battery powered, cable free lighting options for a super clean setup.

MONOGRAM – Adds another touch of personalization to your wedding setup and decor.  Whether it’s your initials, name, date, words or logo, we are able to design a monogram perfect for you and project it onto walls, floors, ceilings,.. challenge us.

SPOTLIGHTS – Perfect for your first dance and other performances.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING – For other open spaces that require illumination (walkways, parking spaces, gardens etc.)

  • Battery powered
  • Brilliant colour options
  • Intelligent & Wireless
  • Customizable – Monograms
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