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Working directly wit you or through your planners, we can guide your choice among a range of lighting options.  Our offering range across functional, ambient and artistic.


With uplighting, you get maximum impact in creating the mood for your celebration.  These intelligent units can be used indoors or outdoors and strategically placed on a terrace, inside a ballroom, at palm trees/shrubs  or under a tent to create depth and dimension with wash of colours that compliment your theme.

By using the latest technology in the industry, we offer you the industry’s best from Chauvet’s battery powered, cable free lighting options for a super clean setup.


Adds another touch of personalization to your wedding setup and decor.  Whether it’s your initials, name, date, words or logo, we are able to design a monogram perfect for you and project it onto walls, floors, ceilings,.. challenge us.


Perfect for your first dance and other performances.


For other open spaces that require illumination (walkways, parking spaces, gardens etc.)

Chose from lighting options:
All lighting options are LED.  Battery powered options available of uplighting.
  • Spotlight included in DJ/Audio
  • Uplighting
  • Monogram
  • Outdoor / flood lighting